Class Seven: Tinkercad Tutorials

Mr. Kelley showed us the gallery on tinkercad, how to customize items, and told us to take the tutorials on the project page.

Class Six: Customizing a Keychain

Mr. Kelley showed us how to customize a nametag with our name on it.

Class Four: Adding Images and Extras

Today's class was about adding images and videos to our blog. We then signing up for Tinkercad.

Class Three: Taking a Stupid Test

Today we took a pretest... it was horrible. Part 1 was okay but I got to Part 2 and my brain died I think. I could not figure it out for the life of me but I think once Mr. Kelley shows us how I will catch on quickly.

Class Two: Creating a Blog

Today in class Mr. Kelley showed us how to create a blog and edit a few things such as, changing time zone settings.

Class One: Overview

Mr Kelley told us what we would be doing this year.